8-9:15a || Flow w/ Arien
10-11:15a || Slow Flow w/ Jess
7:00-8:30p || Kundalini w/ Jess

8-9:15a || Flow w/ Jess
10-11:15a || Fusion Flow w/ Kim
7:00-8:30p || Slow Flow w/ Jess

8-9:15a || Kundalini w/ Jess
10-11:15a || Restore w/ Rachel
7-8:30 || Flow w/ Gabrielle

8-9:15a || Flex + Flow w/ Jess
10-11:15a || Flow w/ Jess
7:00-8:30p || Slow Flow w/ Jess

8-9:15a || Flow w/ Arien
10-11:15a || Slow Flow w/ Rachel
7-8:30p || Flow + Nidra w/ Jess

8-9:15a || Kundalini w/ Jess
10-11:15a || Slow Flow w/ Jess

9-10:15a || Flow w/ Jess



Flow - Breath-focused and athletic, our Flow (i.e Vinyasa) classes blend and borrow from Ashtanga, Iyengar and Anusara traditions. Expect classes to be physically challenging without being overly fast-paced and to include solid alignment instruction, occasional music, exposure to a broad scope of yogic teachings and a long, sweet rest at the end.  Level 2.

Flex + Flow - A Flow class with an emphasis on strength training. Expect to use resistance bands and do some extra core work all while synchronizing deep breaths and fluid movements. Level 2.

Slow Flow - A less athletic version of our Flow class, Slow Flow classes move at a steady pace, provide ample time to settle and breath into each pose and end with yin and/or restorative postures.  Like our Flow classes, these classes are breath-focused and include alignment instruction, occasional music, exposure to a broad scope of yogic teachings, and a long, sweet rest at the end. Level 1.

Fusion Flow - A Flow class where teachers have creative liberty to weave in soul-inspired movement from many disciplines such as yoga, barre, pilates, etc. The women who teach Fusion classes have deep backgrounds in a variety of movement practices - come get moving and grooving with them in all types of fun, challenging and creative ways! Level 2.

Flow + Nidra - This is a sweet combo class - our standard Flow class that ends with 15-20 minutes of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation system that allows us to enter a more expanded state of consciousness through the slowing of brain activity and deep relaxation of the physical body. In other words, it feels great! And the best part is that you don’t have to “do” anything besides lie on your back, close your eyes and follow your instructor’s voice. Level 2.

Restore - During a restorative yoga practice, the body is completely supported by props and poses are held for long periods of time allowing the body, mind and heart to enter a state of deep relaxation and surrender. Level 1.

Kundalini - Often called the yoga of awareness, kundalini provides a completely different experience than any other style of yoga. Practiced with eyes closed (and gazing up between the eyebrows), kundalini classes are comprised of small, repetitive movements synchronized with breath that induce deeply meditative states. Kundalini yoga is incredibly powerful and physically challenging - just in a totally different way than other styles of yoga.  Expect to get a little weird, move your body and breath as you never have before and use your voice for toning and chanting. Classes will have occasional music and end with a long, sweet rest. All levels.



For everyone new to the studio.
$50 :: 30 days unlimited

For friends visiting the island.
$20 :: single class
$45 :: 2 weeks unlimited

For those who live on Kauai full time.
$15 :: single class
$70 :: 5 class pass
$130 :: 10 class pass
$99 :: monthly unlimited (3 month auto-pay)
$119 :: monthly unlimited (single month)

For those in recovery and veterans. 
$13 :: single class
$60 :: 5 class pass
$110 :: 10 class pass
$89 :: monthly unlimited (3 month auto-pay)
$109 :: monthly unlimited (single month)

For everyone, for all Friday classes
$5 :: single class (cash only)

Class passes expire after 3 months.